June 30, 2011

doing what i loveeee & it feels amazing!

i can't wait to show you guys the finished project! :)

June 29, 2011

"what's up momma"

"hey friends,

yeah i know. it has been a while. momma has been busy and always has her mac so i wont get my paws on it. but today, today she is letting me say hi!
momma keeps laughing at me. for two reasons.
1. im not sure why, but i have urge to run around the couch a million times before i eat. habit i guess.
2. my crooked tooth is getting more crooked. don't laugh. okay i guess laugh.

i am sad because momma and uncle brandon are leaving on sunday to visit grandpa. he lives in virgina: where ever that is. i get sad when she leaves for work, but i always know she will return. i am nervous she wont come home from virginieee or whatever you call that place. grandma keeps scaring me and saying she wont. but i know momma, she always comes home. plus she promised me that when we move i get to go. im excited for that day.

i have been working out a lot these days. momma takes me on runs when she goes on them. and lets follow her when she rides her bike. but when we go far i get to ride in the basket. i like it. wind in my hair, my favorite. i also haven't made any accidents in the house these days. its my record. over 2 months and no accident. yeah im proud too.

momma is going to the gym so i gots to go. until next time friend.


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morning lovelies!

it has already been a busy day at work and it is only 10:15. isssh.
not that i mind. i like staying busy. i hate when time runs slow lameeeee. any whoo. why am i blogging during work? its a quicky while i eat my strawberries for a snack.
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June 28, 2011

someone got a {blog} make-over & it wasn't me.

i got to give miss sam from Young People in Love a new look. so cool. i love her blog so being able to give her blog a re-do was so awesome. simplistic & lovely was what she was looking for & that is what she got. go check it out from head to toe HERE.

p.s. if you aren't a follower of hers, you should be. she is rad.
you have until tomorrow after noon to enter. i might even extend it a little :)

stripes kind of day!

to be honest, i am pretty sure i wear stripes 5-6 times out of the week. no lie.

June 27, 2011

him :)

its one of those busy weeks for cody. he is working soccer camps this week, hanging out with a bunch a little ones who want to grow up and be just like him! haha. i think its cute. although, i do really miss him.  i like seeing him do stuff he likes to do though. it makes me happy. and so does this picture.
isn't he handsome. even though most pictures of ours, one of us isn't making a straight face, he is always the one who looks great.
i mean really, i get caught staring at him. 
okay. done now. goodnight!

p.s. cool news tomorrow on some more sponsor stuff, but for FTLOB :)

Molly's 1st Birthday!

Hello & good morning on this beautiful monday morning!
how was your weekend? mine was splendid! indoor skydiving on saturday & spending the day with my favorite boy & girl in the world yesterday. cody & molly of course. my favorites :)

i do work sundays, but after, cody & i went and enjoyed lunch with a bunch of our friends from church in support of two of them who are taking their lives to Costa Rica!

--side note // two of our friends Chris & Missi Smolchuck are taking a leap of faith & doing an amazing thing. they are following the plans God has for them, which if you are like me are sometimes hard to see, & becoming missionaries in Costa Rica! they are so inspiring and going to do an amazing job doing God's work! i want to be like them one day! dedicated and knowing followers of Christ who are dropping their lives in beautiful Chino Hills, Ca to follow God's plan. i hope i have what it take to be able to drop my life if ever asked to like that one day! woo! go them! // side note over--

after lunch, cody & i came home and spent a few hours with my puppers molly. It was her birthday (we think) we got her july 26, 2010 & she was just a little one month old fluff ball so we rounded it up and just said june 26 was her birthday. we don't mind, i don't think she does either! she got toys! we rode the beach cruisers to the park, plaid fetch with her, laid under the shade & loveeeeeeed it. i think she did too.
cody & i continued our day by going to costco to get nothing. haha. yes, we go into costco just to walk around and take samples. its our favorite. the walking around doing nothing with each other thing! we can't get enough of it or each other :)

i hope you all had a lovely weekend! i am spending my day off with my best friend at the beach.
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June 25, 2011

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happy saturday!

hey lovelies! yes, long time no see. you know that "i promise i will be back" i have been saying lately? well its here! yay! haha. i am excited to be back. i have been a busy bee for the last month and right now is a time where i literally have nothing to do but relax.
i lost my voice this week and i am convinced it is because i don't give my body as much rest as it needs. and speaking of rest...that is the last thing i did today.

this morning, i got up in the wee hours (6am) of the morning to go on an adventure with some amazing women at my church. Inland Hills Church has a "Adventures for Women" group that is dedicated to do awesome things specially for women! it was a blast! so today, earlyyyyy i got up and wen indoor skydiving! yes you read that right! indoor skydiving!!!
thats me! so much fun i tell you! if you are terribly afraid of the idea of real skydiving like i am, indoor skydiving is the perfect solution! who doesn't want to be floating in mid air in a giant wind tunnel! awesome! although, after today, i am inching my way to wanting/be okay with doing the real thing! (don't tell cody) i even flipped! i guess they normally don't let beginners do that, but me and a few others, including codys mom (so awesome) asked if we could do the fun stuff, and of course, IHC girls are so awesome and they let us! yay!

This was my first Adventures for Women trip and i loved it. I am going Kayaking in a few weeks with them too! amazing. i love those ladies, and i love california. not going to lie. its awesome.

right now, i am going to take a breather and go layout in the lovely 90 degree sun and begin my summer tanning. my voice it still a little shot so i can't do much talking. come back later though because...
1. im returning for JULY SPONSORS!! -- i will be explaining details later today.
2. FTLOB sponsor spaces are open too, so I will be explaining some of that.
3. with my july sponsors, there may or may not be a few giveaways included in that :) so you WILL want to come back!

have a lovely saturday!

June 21, 2011

FTLOB // Summer Bash

Hey all. I know I have been MIA lately. I have been busy (still) and what not. But I have time now!! yay! And now that I do, I really want to tell you about some exciting things happening this summer over at FTLOB. If you have never heard of FTLOB, no worries, this is the perfect time to go see what it is all about. I have met some pretty amazing bloggers, and fellow artists through FTLOB. It is the perfect place to find others who have the same blogging interests as you do! And this summer over there, there will be a thing called Summer Bash going on
This July-August, FTLOB will be hosting EVERYDAY GIVE-AWAYS. yeah you read that right! Starting July 1st, FTLOB will have their first giveaway! Cool thing is, is that there will be a new giveaway everyday! So you only have a day to enter!
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I know I am going to participate. Im so down for free things! 

June 16, 2011

where have you been all of my life??

so i have been gone. yes, i do realize my posting has been lagging. sorry guys :(
I have been on homework overload! but if you didn't know, i have a tumblr. :) This is what i have been posting random photos of my day. if i am busy and don't have time to sit down and write a post, you can usually find out what I am up to there. with the tap of my finger (new iPhone!) i post everything!
just a few picture i have taken lately.

for a heads up: I will be opening sponsors again in July! June had been a busy month and didn't want to make anything unfair for sponsors. I will be redoing my blog for a few reasons (later)
my blog designing will be getting its own page + a possible chance for prints??(big maybe) :)
my photography is getting its own website! I know that one has taken a while. but i just took a webdesign class and woohoo i learned so much!! :)

I hope you all have had a big relaxing week that makes up for my busy one!

June 11, 2011

recent thoughts.

i think i want to start making prints. type prints. i think i am obsessed with type. details soon. goodnight. the end.

June 10, 2011

i love it when...

they spell my name wrong at starbucks.
christopher, christine, crytal, those all get spelled the right way for the most part, why not "CHRISTA"??
who knows.

June 09, 2011

finals week // mia

the reason to me being mia = finals week.
sorry guys.
in fact, I have been doing homework allllll day long.
exciting news though... I got an iPhone :) I am been wanting one for a while and finally decided to purchase it. because of that, i created a tumblr (again) to store all the random photos I have already taken with it. Its called "like&love".

if you have a tumblr, go follow me, you will find that i am obsessed with taking random pictures. Luckily i wont be post all of those here. That would be a major blog overload. haha. hence the reason for getting a tumblr.

finals are over next week, prayers needed here. stress attacks me often during weeks like these.
p.s. i have some exciting news, i will share later :)

June 06, 2011

ugh. yes, i am one of those people.

don't judge me, please. i stayed up longer than i should have on a sunday night just to see the world premier of the first official trailer. (i have my monday 15 hour days remember). please tell me you think this is JUST as good as i do. i may be bias, considering the last book was my favorite.

 i promise i am not a screamy kind of fan. I actually do wait a few days to see the movies.
i enjoy my movie in silence with out the screaming nonsense that ruins the scene. not so bad right?

this made my 15 hours monday start off well :)
happy monday

June 05, 2011

sunday morning details.

(1) morning coffee with some words :)
(2) carrying two of my favorite bags-- side bag straight from India (thanks old roomie!) & my Burlap Tote from Miss Candice over at Made With Love / Squirmy Worm Studio.
(3) desk detail. love that pot (holds my pens) and books + lotion :)

June 03, 2011

JAE.Photography // photo collage

I just wanted to put together a little collage of some of the pictures I have taken over the last couple of months. JAE.Photography is me. Christa JAE Morris :) I am a portrait photographer based in Chino, CA. if you haven't had a chance, i would love for you to take a visit. my Photography blog will be under construction for a few weeks & my website is in the making :) until then, support on my facebook HERE is always loved and appreciated.

tgif--did i really just use that term for friday??

my mom, grandma, and i are having a girls night out tonight.
dinner at wahoo's (yummmmmmm) -- please tell me you have been. its delicious.
after that, we are going to see BRIDESMAIDS. it look hilarious and we all want to see it :)

have a lovely friday! :)

June 02, 2011

new look here & nature.

If you haven't noticed, there is a little bit of a change around here. I felt like something very new!!
As for the picture. I am just missing the east coast right now. the green. the beauty. love it.

nothing too new here. just coming up on my last two weeks of school before i get a short break before summer quarter. two quarters to go. breathe. i hope it comes sooooooon.
i hope you had a lovely thursday!