April 29, 2011

this is too cute

being newly interested in photography, i have been doing some serious research. especially on wedding photography.
i just love this. I am a huge fan of over head pictures though.
please excuse this, and future rants on wedding/photography ideas. 
we all know i am obsessed.

thinking really hard...

i want this...
found this via google search.
enough said. 

in the mean time, a little tiny new feature over in the left column.
a "like" us on facebook button :) like jae. photography that is :)

I hope you are all having a lovely, week and have a lovely weekend!
new sponsors will be up sunday :)

April 28, 2011

coupon lovers.

like every other thursday. it is filled with a lot of homework & a lot of cody.
i love him dearly.

random reason why he makes my cheeks hurt from smiling too much //
he is the coupon king.
& he may or may not have turned me into the coupon queen since we started dating over 3 years ago. it has taken time to rub off on me (i was stubborn) but it finally did & has saved my life.
my days of buying over prices things are over!

today, after awful hw hours in the morning, code & i had a simple "hangout" day. we went over to Juice It Up, & what!? yes, used a coupon. haha. i know right. funny! it was buy one get one free, so we bought the biggest size so cody dearest could get his size free :) yup. that is us and we are proud of it!

one day in the future, we may or may not be the lovely couple walking out of the grocery story with $200 worth of food that we paid $70 for. OR how about the ones who fall under that new category of coupon obsessions. i am beginning to believe it is a real issue. but, what can you do?  two poor college students who have big dreams to get out. coupons are the answer!

like it ? :)

have you guys seen my photography on facebook? i would love it if you guys went and took a look. click HERE :)

if you like it, "like" it :)

jae.photography / new senior pictures

There is a new post over on my photography blog :) 
I had a chance to shoot a friend of mine before he graduates this June! how exciting yeah!?

April 27, 2011


these are a few shots from yesterdays visit to Aegis.
our high school students were able to go and spend some time with the Alzheimer and dementia patients. such an amazing thing to watch and catch on camera. these kids loved spending time with them, and it seemed that they loved it as well. we listened to their stories of what they can remember. we sand and counted with them and really enjoyed ourselves.
these guys were so fun! they had some awesome personalities that still shine bright!

we have decided that we will most definitely be trying to make visiting them a more often experience!
also, if you are interested in seeing our junior high students do some aerobics with some awesome elderly folks from Inland Christian Home on monday, see here and view "STATUS Reach Week Day 1" -- its an awesome video!

what my morning has looked like.

homework. homework. homework. & i work the second half of the day.
i hope to show you some photos from yesterday later. so make sure to check back :)

ps. my cute fluffy little girl. i love her to death. 

April 26, 2011

a monthly acknowledgement //

cody & i aren't ones to celebrate our "anniversary" month (we are yearly people), but we do note a little acknowledgement. like a little text that says "3years & 3months today :)" done. ha.

today i did both. text as well as this little post. this post because, i am madly in love with this dude. can you tell? this girl & that guys status. like, we are total opposites but we seem to beat the odds & get along so well. so here is to us babeh. 3years & 3months of some strange conversations of getting to know each other a little too well, the comfort of just sitting with each other silently, the amazing conversations...need i go on? i love you.

p.s. quick random side-note---i have no memory of my drive home from class today. one minute i am a tad frustrated about the Laker game traffic in front of the Staples Center, the next thing i am parking in front of my house. does anyone else's mind wander like that and you forget how you got from point "a" to point "b" okay!?

over here today

busy day today friends. it is "reach week" at work.
i work at a church and our students are on spring break, so we are going out into our community and doing God's awesome work. yesterday, our junior high schoolers went and did aerobics with some elderly folks, and today, our high schoolers went and hung out with Dementia and Alzheimers patients. Best experience I have had by far! I can't wait to show you some pictures i got from today. crafts, karaoke, etc. so awesome.

tomorrow, they are passing out flyers to promote and outreach we are having, thursday, our junior highers are having a community connection, and our high schoolers are going to L.A. to feed the homeless. Some awesome stuff is being done!

for now : i am over here today friends. i was featured on scenicglory. miss lindsay is awesome. if you haven't had a chance, go take a look around her page. too cute.

April 24, 2011

Celebrating His life, & ours.

{picture via flickr}
Today is such an amazing day, despite the gloomy weather, how can you not be so happy today?
For me, i take the time to remember what an amazing God we have. Not that I don't think about it daily, but today, two-thousand something years ago, a savior rose again. And for us mind you! how awesome that!? 

One man gave up his life for our foolishness and sins. He loves us so dearly that he wanted us to live for eternity. And by that, sacrificed his own life for ours. I don't know about you, but that gives me chills. I am not worthy of such an amazing gift, but it was given to me anyway. and to you. 

Whether you are celebrating Easter or not, I hope you have a lovely Sunday, and remember how blessed we are here on this planet. We are alive and so lucky!

April 22, 2011

its all gone.

I took this picture into a recommended stylist this morning, and well, it happened.
I am pretty happy with it. of course, im a little shocked when i look into the mirror, and my neck is a little cold, but i cut off a surprising 10inches and am donating it to Locks of Love.

This makes me so much more happy about it.
My hair grows back quick enough, it warms my heart that I am able to give it to someone who needs it more than i do.

& I feel a little more stylish with this look. long already curly enough hair can get a little blah sometimes!
yay for short hair :)

jae.photography // NOW OPENED!

My photography blog, Jae.Photography is now up and running. You can visit it here, follow it here{hover over the top}, like it here, and gaze at it some more here.

I kept it super simple. I am a fan of simplicity right now. Plus, this gives my photos a chance to stand out a little more than if I was posting here with a lot of design.

Following Jae.Photography will give you the chance to keep updated with recent shoots, & see higher quality photos in the mix :)

Hope you stop by there, take a look around.
Christa Morris is a portrait photographer based in Chino, CA

April 21, 2011

butterflies in my tummy.

1. i have one overwhelmingly handsome boyfriend.
2. i have one overwhelmingly adorable nephew
3. today? i loved it so much.
4. i can't get enough of my code. he is mine all mine.
5. i am going to miss my nephew terribly when he goes home to VA tomorrow my little niece too :(

good thing i have a super cute {hot stuff} boyfriend to hang out with me!

April 20, 2011

Yes dear friends, it is that time of the month. crazy how time flies right?
I had quite a success with last months sponsors so i am happy to do it again :)
here we go:

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sponsor swap -- im always down :)
        - you can choose from either size, and it will include those features.


this little place has grown rather quickly & i am so happy to offer some awesome affordable spaces.
cjae averages 2-3 posts a day and has over 6,000 page-views in the month of april.

if you are interested please email me at //
cjaemorris {at} gmail {dot} com

i'm so excited!!

sponsor Spotlight // Kara & Liz

April 19, 2011

sneak peak

another sneak peak of my photography blog!

i will be launching it THIS WEEK:)
more specifically,


keep updated this week so you can be the first to see it :)
i will be launching it with some brand new pictures as well.

until then // visit me here on my facebook page.
have a facebbok? see it, like it, love it :)

better late than never // sponsor spotlight // Christa from Our Little Bubble

April 18, 2011


someone please tell me that if i cut it, i wont regret it terribly?

I cut 17 inches senior yr of high school, and it is still not as long as it was. ugh.
this is a definite possibility. my hair is annoying and i hate managing it. short hair was awesome! hmmmm.

ps. if i cut it, maybe i wont look so scraggly all the time.

inspired by // B&W

I have developed a massive respect for fashion photography, i love it, and i secretly want to be one!
hard b&w. loveee.
tom cruise?
freckles. represent! :)

pictures via yay!everyday

April 17, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight // Ashley from Eisy Morgan

Hi, I'm Ashley 
and I run a little blog called

Instead of talking about myself I will share with you what was recently said
In short
I am a woman...
{to name a few}
and I LOVE being inspired
and sharing that inspiration
and probably MOST of all..
I LOVE to laugh!
What will you find at Eisy Morgan??
   Here are some quick links to check out...

Hair tutorials
Craft tutorials
inspiration spotlights.
Beauty and Style

• Inspired by You Wednesdays:

just wanted you see this :)

I just wanted to give the tinniest little look at my photography blog. I have been working hard on that and a website :) 
my blog should be up and running sooooon. like really soon. as for my website, its coming along...

April 16, 2011

please tell me you know who this is...

i love it. & this show is my favorite. 

picture via yayeveryday

what does a 6 hr saturday class call for??

a massive cup of coffee :)

good saturday to ya! :)

April 15, 2011

sneak peak // new missionaries of Costa Rica

meet mrs. missi & mr. chris smolchuk.
This is a sneak peak of 1. mr & mrs smolchuck, the new missionaries of Costa Rica, & 2. my website. it is in progress. I can't wait. Once it is up and running , you can see all of their pictures :)

later // What is in my purse?---I though it would be fun to show you, as my aunt calls it, potato sack, with all of my goods in side.

ps. i just love this couple, btw. Missi is a co-worker of mine. or was, or still is, but not for much longer (saddd) & she & her husband are so awesome. they are totally cody & i in 20 years. i wouldn't mind. they are lovely! & look fantastic!!!

hello on this friday:

April 14, 2011

thursday with my code.

Thursdays are "our" days. This quarter, it is the only day we match up on as far as scheduling goes. I have no school or work and he has no school, just practice in the wee hours of the morning. today, what meant to be a little scouting trip turned into a mini hike/photo sesh.
I cherish these days most. days filled with nothing but being with each other. filled with talking and being in love :)